White Shirt + Blue Jeans

whiteshirtlong closeup whiteshirtbluejeans Can we all agree that this is the chicest, most timeless and uncomplicated duo that ever existed? A white, buttoned down shirt and a good pair of blue jeans are just some of those things that are a must in everyone’s wardrobe, which is why I dedicated my first-ever outfit post to them! In my experience, a good white shirt might be worth the investment, not only price wise but time wise as-well. Do your research and get a good one because we all know this shirt will be our go-to when we don’t want to think about our outfits too much. Not saying we should go crazy on a 500$ shirt, but make sure the quality is good enough to resist all those washes. Basically, no one could ever go wrong with a white shirt and blue jeans. If its chilly I  usually accessorize it with black booties or loafers and trow on a cropped black jacket. xx, mc