allthings All Things Undone was born from the philosophy that less really is more. Not only in fashion but in every aspect of life. We don’t need excesses to look our best, to be happy or to be successful. For a long time now, my personal style has consisted in choosing quality over quantity and in maintaining a minimalist approach to fashion, beauty and overall lifestyle. Shying away from trends and focusing on what I genuinely like and feel connected to I want to share my point of view, my personal tips, tricks and hacks to look and feel my best while staying true to myself and highlighting my natural beauty. My theory is that this can only be done by removing all the filters and layers that we are constantly putting up to “protect ourselves”. My main goal is to bring down the believe that we need expensive and over the top things to look our very best. I actually believe this could not be further from the truth. There is beauty in simplicity, in being effortless and in keeping it minimal. I am nothing but a basic girl, wearing basic clothes and absolutely rocking them. xx, mcr